Dear Participants,

We will be meeting in Turkey on April 2020, to speak about the unique sphere; the World that we leave in which includes neighborhood, district, province, region, continent and island. "3rd International Urban, Environment and Health Congress - IUEHC" will be held in Ankara between 2-4 April 2020.

‘Living Healthy in the City’ was chosen as a main topic for the "3rd International Urban, Environment and Health Congress - IUEHC" to show there is no place for hopelessness in life.

What is being done and what can be done in a place that we live in, work and study to make life more livable?

While only a few decades ago, industrial pollution was the most alarming situation. Today, how does the modern lifestyle affects our health, among the problems of strong city, environment and health?

Along with city life, the lack of physical activity, sedentary life, and obesity have been a threat to human health. The solution is in healthy nutrition, reducing the stress level and obesity and decreasing the physical activity. What are the future plans for these matters? Are those solutions are possible in the cities?

Do you have a chance to live healthy in the city that you live in when you wake up this morning? For instance, is it possible to go somewhere else easily without a car? With which opportunity you will do the physical activity that the city put in for you?

World Health Organization (WHO) indicates which matters should be done for a healthy life. They also add as a society we all should have the awareness of the things can be done and take due precautions. Unestablished emergency warning systems will cause us not to react sudden and rapid reaction.

Consequently, there will be a load for the society, health and weal.

Actually, the key to the city is feeling good and safe for the residents. In our first congress, we urged upon the topic of ‘The Collaboration of Urban, Environment and Health’ and on the second one, the theme was ‘Future Cities. On our third congress our theme is ‘Living Healthy in the City’. Our aim is to speak and share ideas about healthy life in cities. For that reason, we invite and hope your precisions participation to the "3rd International Urban, Environment and Health Congress - IUEHC".

Congress Chairwoman
Prof. Dr. F. Nur BARAN AKSAKAL Prof. Dr. E. Didem EVCİ KİRAZ